In 2010 Benjamin Wenner founded Ag Storm from a life-long desire to be an inventor, as well as a deep passion for improving agriculture.

An idea to make a rock lifting device for tillage tractors paved the way for the first product. The idea was to save time and money by picking up the rock when you found it with the tractor. A great solution for many farmers in the midwestern United States. This idea evolved into the Rock Hawk, the first ever patented on-board rock grapple system.

Raised on a crop and hog farm in southern Minnesota, Benjamin has been around agriculture his entire life. He remains active in farming to this day, with a large farming partnership in South Dakota, and many family members with successful farming operations in Minnesota.

The Rock Hawk system has since evolved into a Hydraulic on-board rock grapple system called a Hydrabox. This revolutionary product is the pinnacle of convenience when it comes to getting rocks removed from the field during the tillage process. There is nothing like it, and it has changed the way farmers deal with this never-ending problem.

The Field Seal™ weatherproof toolbox system is another great product which is a testament to Benjamin’s quality and functionality standards. Benjamin developed this product out of frustration with the current standard of toolbox on a machine – essentially a glorified lunch box. The Field Seal™ is the only toolbox built specifically for Ag Equipment and other outdoor machines. They are also the only toolboxes on the market that are 100% dust and waterproof. One of many great product lines to come.

The products developed by Benjamin and his team attract a fantastic customer base. Only the best, most forward-thinking farmers buy Ag Storm Equipment. This, in turn, creates a tremendous group of people to call upon with future ideas. With such a vast network of people who influence today’s agriculture, the company is well positioned for exponential growth. With technology evolving and changing the way we feed the world – you will find Ben and his team trying new things and pushing boundaries.

Benjamin’s vision for the company can be summed up into one word – Innovation.

Field Seal Tool Boxes



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