Hydra Box™

Ag Storm now has the ultimate solution for on-board rock handling for your tractor!

Entirely constructed of high-strength steel & fully powered by your tractor’s hydraulic system, our new hydraulic on-board rock grapple system has the ability to lift 4,000lb rocks out of the ground in seconds – all controlled from the comfort of the cab by an easy to use remote control. All Hydrabox assemblies are mounted onto the front of your tractor using one of our custom-made brackets that bolt right onto the frame.

Gone are the days of wasting valuable time coming back out to the field with a skid-steer, back-hoe or tractor & wagon to retrieve a rock manually and risk further damage to one’s body; grab it the instant you see it, move on & dump it without even getting out of your seat!

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  • 5 and 6 Foot wide box models accommodate almost any make of tractor
  • Lift, Grab, and Dump Box all from the tractor seat
  • Self-contained Hydraulic Valve Body only uses 1 SCV Port
  • Optional splitter valve kit to share an SCV Port with another function
  • Acts as a ballast for the front of the tractor
  • CNC Fiber Laser cut parts for near-perfect tolerance
  • High-Durability powder coat finish
  • Color theme matches Tractor Manufacturer’s Color


  • ½” SCV Port (can be shared with optional splitter)
  • 12v Cigarette plug in cab
  • Constant hydraulic flow option for operation

Tractor Recommendations

  • John Deere – 8/8000 series and larger
  • Case IH – Magnum and larger
  • New Holland – T8 Series and larger
  • Challenger – MT700/700 Wheel and larger
  • Fendt – 900 Vario and larger
  • Versatile – 335 and larger


Model Hydra 5X

Specificiation Details
Weight Empty 1485 lbs
Weight with Average Bucket 1885 lbs
Additional Weights Available upon request
Overall Dimensions 69in W x 65in H x 36in D
Rock Box Width 59.5in
Rock Capacity 21.7 cu ft

Model Hydra 6X

Specificiation Details
Weight Empty 1820 lbs
Weight with Average Bucket 2220 lbs
Additional Weights Available upon request
Overall Dimensions 80in W x 65in H x 43in D
Rock Box Width 71.5″
Rock Capacity 31.6 cu ft

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