“The inward tension of the claws provides so much tightening force that it will literally pick up rocks with just the points of the claws. I was surprised how much weight it could lift.

FarmerSibley County, MN

“I have a field 19 miles away, and there were a couple times I picked up multiple large rocks this spring that would have required me to bring up my backhoe due to the size, but the weather wouldn’t have allowed that. We would have been forced to leave them and hope to remember where they were. The Rock Hawk saves me a ton of time and money.

FarmerNicollet County, MN

“From the looks of the Rock Hawk, I would have never guessed it could lift the weight it does. It picks up rocks that make the front of my tractor squat. At first I was pretty skeptical over how well it would work, but I won’t go into the field without it anymore. Rocks that have any sort of size to them I use the Rock Hawk to pick them up and no longer even attempt to strain my back. On top of that, it saves us a ton of time going back with the tractor to pick up rocks I couldn’t pick up by hand. The Rock Hawk is a must.

Dennis H
FarmerHylen Farms, MN